Machelle receives regular positive feedback about her treatments.  And one of the reasons for that is the approach she takes with her clients.

Treating the Whole Person

Although you may come to Machelle for one main reason, she takes care to ensure that she understands your complete situation – as there may be a number of factors contributing to your current situation, each with their own treatment needs.

She also taken into account how emotional and psychological factors can contribute to your current situation and to changing it.

Working on Short Term Relief and Long Term Support

While working on treating your health in the medium to longer term, Machelle takes care to find ways to provide you with immediate relief.   This can vary from promoting a good night’s sleep (which is often beneficial in supporting your immune system), to promoting mobility in stiff muscles to get you more mobile while your body repairs.

Creating a Supporting Environment

From her relaxed, easy going style to providing you with  recipe ideas to make healthy eating choices fun and easy, Machelle likes to find those extra ways to make achieving your health goals an enjoyable experience.

These are just some of the reasons why Machelle’s clients come back to her whenever they need support with their health.

Call to apply Machelle’s experience to your health.