Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Fertility

Acupuncture during Pregnancy and for Baby Care

Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Acupuncture is both safe and beneficial for you and your baby in pregnancy.  Regular treatments throughout the pregnancy enhance the health of the mother, prevent or minimise other health problems and support the development of a healthy baby.

For those who continue their busy lifestyles through pregnancy, apart from going to bed earlier(!), acupuncture is one of the few safe and effective ways you can boost your energy levels and support your body.

In addition, due to the limitations on drugs that can be taken in pregnancy, acupuncture can be an excellent treatment option for non-pregnancy related health issues during this time.

How acupuncture can help you week by week

How acupuncture can help you with particular conditions during pregnancy

Acupuncture after Giving Birth

With your newborn baby to care for, acupuncture can help build up your strength after the effort you have put in!  It can also help with breast feeding issues and stimulation of lactation.

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